This Spring Break, visit the Haramayn and Istanbul under the spiritual guidance of Shaykh Tameem Ahmadi of San Francisco.

Departures from Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington, New York, Atlanta, Miami, and other Turkish Airlines gateways can be arranged.  Additional charges may apply.

The accommodations are ideal for solo travelers as well as families. The 5-star hotels in both Makkah and Madinah are just a few steps from the Courtyards of the Haramayn.  Breakfast buffet is included in Istanbul, Makkah, and Madinah.

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March 20 – 31 (2019)


$1950 from Chicago*
$2150 from San Francisco*
Prices for Quad Occupancy

Package Includes

  • Flight (round-trip)
  • Hotels
  • Breakfast
  • Transportation
  • Visa Processing
  • Ground Tours

Group Scholar

  • Shaykh Tameem Ahmadi

Package Excludes

  • Lunch & Dinner

Spiritual Tours

We’ll visit many sites of Islamic history in the blessed cities of Makkah and Madinah under the guidance of resident scholars.

Convenient Flights

We provide one-stop flights from Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Houston, Miami, and Boston.

Guided Service

Our group leaders and scholars help facilitate all guests to perform their Hajj and Umrah correctly with comfort and ease.



Departures can be accommodated from different cities. Additional charges may apply.

Chicago or San FranciscoIstanbulMar 209:30 PM (ORD)
6:10 PM (SFO)
4:45 PM (ORD)
6:00 PM (SFO)
IstanbulJeddahMar 2412:50 PM4:30 PM
MadinahChicago or San FranciscoMar 316:10 AM5:35 PM (ORD)
4:35 PM (SFO)


Mar 21 - Mar 24 | Istanbul

Hotel: Fatih Hotel

Meal Plan: Breakfast

Mar 24 - Mar 27 | Makkah

Hotel: Hyatt Regency

Meal Plan: Breakfast

Mar 27 | Mar 31 Madinah

Hotel: Grand Mercure

Meal Plan: Breakfast


Hyatt Regency


The Hyatt Regency is a 5-Star hotel located a few minutes walking distance from Masjid Al Haram. It’s a newer, higher quality accommodation located in a far less congested structure than the Abraj al Bait (clock tower).  It makes getting to and from the Masjid and grabbing a bite to eat much easier and quicker.

Grand Mercure


Grand Mercure is a 5-star hotel located a short 2-minute walk from Masjid Al Nabawi and features high quality rooms and free Wi-Fi throughout the property.  The hotel is conveniently accessible from both the women’s and men’s entrances of the masjid.


Shaykh Tameem Ahmadi

Shaykh Tameem Ahmadi (may Allah preserve him) is a Bay Area native and a Newark Memorial High School graduate. After initially studying at San Francisco State University he went on to pursue the higher calling of sacred knowledge. Over the greater part of the next decade, Shaykh Tameem engaged in a rigorous curriculum of religious knowledge, studying under some of the foremost scholars of North America, Africa, & South Asia.

During this span Shaykh Tameem was granted numerous ijazaat, surpassing the equivalent of a masters degree, in the Islamic sciences including Fiqh, Hadith, Aqidah, Tafsir, Usul, Arabic Grammar & its Branches, Spirituality, and more. In addition he was granted ijazah with isnad in numerous books of ahadith including the Sihhah Sittah, the 6 most authentic colections of hadith. Some of the illustrious scholars from whom he attained Ijazah of hadith from are the likes of Mufti Taqi Usmani and Maulana Salimullah Khan.

After completing the highly regarded dars nizami curriculum and being granted the shahadah alimiyya (recognition of Islamic scholarship), Shaykh Tameem emmersed himself in the study of the Islamic Spiritual Sciences of the Heart under the private tutelage of one of the most honorable Spiritual Masters of our time, focusing on the subject of tazkiyah & tarbiyah (Purification of the Heart). Being granted the mantle of authorization to teach and transmit, he returned to the Bay Area under the advice and suggestion of his Shaykh.

Since his return to the Bay Area, Shaykh Tameem has dedicated himself to teaching and benefiting the community with what he had mastered abroad. Shaykh Tameem currently teaches classes on Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Aqidah, Tazkiya, and Arabic Grammar. He is a regular lecturer at numerous Masajid and Halaqahs throughout Northern California. He has translated a number booklets and articles, and continues to strive in his literary efforts.

The respected Shaykh currently heads many scholastic efforts and is a counselor and mentor for religious seekers of all ages, teaching both the dedicated student of knowledge and the casual learner. He is fluent in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and English.

He currently resides in Fremont, CA with his family.

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